Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I store gas and oil mixture?
Most manufactures of 2-cycle lawn and garden equipment recommend that you store your gas and oil mixture for no more than 30 days. If the mixture sits for a long period of time, the ethanol in gas absorbs moisture. This moisture is what makes the gas go bad and creates problems in your 2-cycle engine.

What do I do with leftover gas and oil mixture?
Any leftover mixed gas and oil mixture mixed in the Petrol Pal® should be stored in an approved storage container. The Petrol Pal® is not to be used as a storage container.

Do I need to measure the gas or oil when I am using the Petrol Pal®?
With the Petrol Pal®, there is no need to measure the gas or oil. Just insert the divider in the desired ratio slot and match the level of gas to the level of oil. Once the gas and oil are level it will be measured to the ratio you desired.

How much liquid can the Petrol Pal® hold?
The Petrol Pal® holds a little less than a half gallon.

How do I clean the Petrol Pa?
If there is any residue in your Petrol Pal®, clean it out with a paper towel and dispose of properly.

I lost my divider. How do I get a new one?
You can order one off our website or call customer service at 214-347-1748.

Do I still need to use the small pre-measured bottles of oil?
Petrol Pal® saves you money. We suggest you purchase bulk 2-cycle engine oil in a quart container instead of the smaller bottles. If you add up the cost of the small bottles to make a quart it would cost you over $12.00 a quart. A quart of 2 cycle engine oil typically costs between $3-$4.

What ratios can you mix using the Petrol Pal®?  
Petrol Pal® can be used to mix to the following ratios: 50:1, 40:1, 32:1, 20/24:1, 16:1.

I am having problems placing an order on the website. How else can I order a Petrol Pal®?
If you are having problems placing an order please call 214-347-1748 or email